Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Phoebe for Sale

This year we kept three ewe lambs to grow up as yearlings. Two of these beautiful girls will be my pair for showing next year and the third is being kept to be shown under my mothers name. However, we can only keep so many sheep on our little farm, and I would love to find Phoebe a good home even if that means not showing her. Phoebe is a beautiful gray gulmoget. Her mother is a black gulmoget and her sire was a gray bersugget. Her fleece is dense with a medium crimp and nice luster. And Phoebe has excellent conformation, breed character, and a fabulous tail. She is a wonderful ewe who would be a great brood ewe, fiber animal, or pet! Price $300.


  1. Hi, Montana. I wanted to let you know that four fiber enthusiasts and podcasters have purchased the fleece of your Shetland Eloise at Rhinebeck this year. We've been talking about her beautiful fleece on our podcasts. You can find out more at I've been trying to find an email address for you, but so far, no luck, so I hope you see this message. Sara

  2. Hi, i am happy to hear this! I checked out your website, and it looks wonderful. My email is if you would like to contact me further. I always love hearing about where my fleeces end up.