Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Sunny Friday!

The lambs have been growing like little weeds! Each one has developed a different personality... Eloise, the most obnoxious one(which I say with love), follows me around like a puppy trying to jump all over me and eat everything in sight. Poppy, is lovey and jumpy but dosn't seem to be as entertained by me as her sister. Melody, is sweet calm and wonderful more like her mother than father, she is often contented to lie down next to me and graciously let me scritch her back! Harmony is the spaz of the group and is constantly jumping this way and that. Alltogether I am really pleased with the crop and will have a hard time seeing anyone go...
Spring is beautiful this year! The trees are in bloom and the gardens have been filled with tulips, peonies,and daphodils for a while now. The chicks are growing up well and it looks like we might have three blues and one black!
Eloise finds the new bench a great play toy! While her sister prefers to stay on the ground.

A rare shot of Eloise standing still while facing the camera

Melody is such a standout next to her black colored siblings! I love her facial markings

I have recently realized that Harmony is actually a gulmoget! She apears to have a shaela fleece with gray haunches and tummy.

Harmony and Melody taking a nap
Corey looks so peaceful resting under the lilac