Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sheep, Shows, and busy days

While I have been too lazy to post three fairs have come and gone. Two of which have had some of the largest shetland classes I have participated in and this past weekend at the Bolton Fair we had the largest class in both junior and open shows! North East Youth Sheep Show was the first, happening in late July, and it was a blast. We had nine different exibitiors from Mass and New York!
Minnie in Fit and Show

Minnie in yearling ewe looking lovely

look at all those ewe lambs! Eloise is third in from the right and Poppy is hiding second from last
Eloise got third place which was wonderful with so much compition! Poppy didn't do as well but lately has redeemed herself. She was nervous bercause NEYSS was her first show and was trying to stand closer to the ground causing a cow hock disaster.
Next we attended Cheshire fair with only two of the sheep(we hadn't gotten our papers in on time and were only allowed that amount). Cheshire was a bit of a dissapointment because we were put against Lincolns in A.O.B wool which didn't result well, but the fairs wonderful atmoshpere made up for it by miles.
The most recent fair, The Bolton Fair, was this past weekend. It was wonderful as always. In the junior show Vaughan got first place in yearling ram, Eloise got second place in ewe lambs and Poppy placed sixth out of (about 11 shetlands). Minnie didn't do so well and was placed at the back of the line in fifth place. I have found that her wool, as lovely as it is washed and spun is much corser on her. At the moment her lamb fleece is waiting to be spun and made into mittens! The ram lamb I am leasing for the show season took third.

Me and Eloise in leadline
Look at how big this ewe lamb class is!
Eloise in second place of the Ewe lamb class
Eloise is finally behaving and standing beautifully!
Vaughan looking regal in Yearling Ram

I also took second place in leadline which suprised me because Eloise didn't like the scarf and was on her worst behavior. In the open show my mom showed Melody and got fourth place with her! It was a wonderful suprise, she is much smaller than most of the other ewe's due to her later birth date but I love her fleece. Poppy was right behind her in fifth and Eloise was further down the line. Vaugahan got third place this time around, and Minnie placed fifth again but this time she was ahead of two other ewes. All in all it was an awsome show.
In the exibit hall I took nine blues and two reds. I also recieved the President's award for my entries which was a great honor!
On other notes the flock has been doing well through all this weather. We actually fenced in the bottom of the horse fence and now the girls have the whole paddock to graze on. They are very happy.

Poppy is next to Marble, hopefully not being drooled on to much. Eloise is farther back on the right followed by Minnie, Harmony and Izzy
Vaughan looks so handsome!

Vaughan hanging in the medow

Harmony and Melody in front and Poppy behind Harmony on the left and Eloise behind Melody on the right

Eloise has yet to grab the idea of a personal bubble and if she can get attention she will :)

R to L Poppy Harmony Melody. I am quite pleased with my crop this year each one is personable and beautiful!