Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Thursday, July 24, 2014

North East Youth Sheep Show

This past weekend we made our way out the NEYSS at the Eastern States Exposition! It was loads of fun and filled with the best people :) We made out really well this year and I couldn't be happier with the results.
My border Leicester, who I bought from the farm of Colin Sigmound, got first place yearling ewe and champion white Border Leicester!

Rosie was placed as first place ewe lamb out of a class of 15 other lambs.

She went into the champion round however lost to the other yearling ewes in the ring. However, this picture represents all things wonderful in the sheep world. All four of us are the Bolton crew, these girls are some of my closest friends and to have them all in a champion round with their own sheep was more rewarding to me than any champion ribbon.

Rosie did get her time to shine though after she won best headed ewe

My ram lambs did fabulous and were placed first and second out of another 15 head class. I was blown away and super happy about these two.

Together they went on to win first place pair of ram lambs

Remy even won reserve champion ram!

Overall an awesome show with good competition! I cant wait till the next fair :) Bolton is in about three weeks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Newcommers

There are a few newbies on the farm as of recently! One of them is a little chick out of our own farm breeding who is as cute as a button. Her name at the moment is Gladys, however we fear that the name might take a more masculine turn at some point.

Next consists of two more chicks who are still on their way here! This mottled cochin is carefully brooding over her nest :)
The most exciting of all the arrivals is Bellwether Bard! He is a most handsome ram from Trinity farm out in New York. We are super excited to incorporate him into our flock and he will be our stud ram this fall. He has the most gorgeous gray fleece, with a pretty luster and phenomenal crimp. I couldn't be more happy :) At the moment he is separated from the rest of the flock while I get him used to eating grain (he comes from an all grass diet) but not to worry we have given him Dempsey as a friend!
Just look at those facial markings!

 Here are his lovely ladies who he will be breeding with in the fall. All brood ewes are in fabulous condition and are enjoying the grass and the lack of milking lambs.
 Our bunny is enjoying the grass too!
 And Rosie is too cute :) All the lambs have had their scrapies tags put in now and are almost ready for their show next week! The only thing left is a visit from the vet to check them out.