Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Who Wants Lambs!?

As I mentioned last time I have a couple of nice lambs available this year!

Wildair Remy- Dam: Wildair Eloise Sire: Freddy's Mocha. This ram has champion lineage from both sides and he shows it. This ram is one of my show rams this year and he would be available after the Topsfield fair, the first weekend in October. He has a beautiful, very soft, musket fleece, with a looser wavy crimp.  Price: $350
 Wildair Pascal- Dam: Hythe Thizbee Sire: Freddy's Mocha. Another ram with champion lineage. Thizbee is one of my best brood ewes and is the Dam of Eloise (the mother of Remy). This is a very strong bloodline and I have high hopes for Pascal in the ring and for breeding. He is my other show ram for the year and will be available after Topsfield Fair. He is a beautiful burgesset, and his fleece underneath looks to be white with light gray blotches, and a soft wavy fleece. He has beautiful big horns as well. Price: $300
 Wildair Seymour- Dam: Wildair Melody Sire: Freddy's Mocha. Seymour is a big boy with a very solid body, and gorgeous horns. His fleece is a soft,  has a finer crimp, and has grown in a musket. He has his moms personality and is a very sweet boy. Price: $250

 Wildair Poe- Dam: Anna'sFluff Hermione Sire: Wildair Leonardo. I'm very excited about this ram, he is from the first pair of lambs sired by one of my own rams. His dad was a champion in show and his mother is a beautiful black gulmoget ewe I brought in for her pattern. He has a soft gray fleece underneath the black tips, beautiful facial markings, and good horns. He was born much later than my other lambs so he is a bit smaller, but I have high expectations that he will be even lovelier as he grows out. Price: $250

 Wildair Dempsey- Dam: Wildair Melody Sire: Freddy's Mocha. This ram is the twin to Seymour above. He has one of the sweetest personalities of the lambs this year. His fleece is a pretty morrit and in the gulmoget spots on his side it fades to a shade that looks like a brown shaela color. He has nice horns and flashy gulmoget markings. Price: $250

 Wildair Faye- Dam: Hythe Thizbee Sire: Freddy's Mocha. This little ewe is one I would love to go to a family that is looking for a pet. Faye is no happier than when she is sitting in a lap, we call her the lapsheep, plus she is a favorite among friends and family. She has a pretty gray fleece with lots of luster and the cutest face that will win you over in seconds. Price: $250
 The other lambs- These two are not for sale at the moment because I'm going to show them this year and next but they felt it would be unfair for the rest to get a photo shoot. The top picture is the twin of Poe, her name is Paisley. The ewe below is Rosie, the twin of Remy, and loves to show off her flashy package. Rosie has the longest fleece of all the lambs this year and it is my favorite by far.
Notes: All the lambs have been registered! Please contact me with any questions, interest, or even if you just want to say hello! My email is A lot of these lambs will be at shows this summer, I'm having my mom show a few of the lambs as well but they will all be available whenever and we would love if anyone wanted to stop by and visit :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Mischief Makers

Our lambs have this sneaky tendency to slip into our chicken coup...

 They climb into the run
And they pretend to be sneaky

 These are the faces of pure guilt
 And even the older ewes like to get in on the action
At least they look cute while doing it!

These guys make quite a mess and the poor chickens don't seem to get a day of privacy but there is never a boring day on the farm. 
Next time: Ill have up pictures of the lambs for sale. This year I'll have five rams available and one ewe, which is everyone except my two show girls who I will be keeping until next year. So stay tuned!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

2014 Lambs

This year was a great year for lambs! We bred with two different rams. Ram number one belongs to our dear friends (who also show with us) the Towers of Olive Branch Shetlands and Freddy's Farm shetlands. Mocha is a beautiful aged ram with a stellar body and an even more beautiful fleece. The second ram we bred with was Leo, my champion ram from last year.

The first pair to arrive was out of Melody and Mocha. She gave us two beautiful boys, Wildair Seymour and Wildair Dempsey.
Seymour who has turned out to be a beautiful fawn collor

Dempsey has the sweetest face :) he is a moorit gulmoget

The next ewe to lamb was Eloise! She was also bred to Mocha. Wildair Remy and Wildair Rosie were the two treasures I received from her. Remy has a stunning fawn fleece and Rosie has a very Eloise-like shaela gulmoget fleece.  Rosie managed to retain her mother's personality as has consistently proved herself to be a minx :)

 Izzy lambed next, she was also bred with Mocha, and her lambs came out flashy as always! Wildair Pascal is the handsome gray bergesset ram who seems to be growing up much like Leo. Faye is the ewe or this batch and has a lovely gray fleece under those black tips.
Faye in front and Pascal in the back

 Finally... Minnie lambed! Almost a month after everyone else, in fact. She was bred to Leo and produced two adorable sweet babies. Poe is the boy with the pretty markings on his face, and a nice gray fleece underneath. Paisley is my stunning black gulmoget ewe. Her fleece takes after mothers but is a bit looser from her fathers side. Together they make an excellent end to the lambing season.

Poe on the left and Paisley on the right

Paisley grazing and Poe's but

Paisley being a mischief girl
 That's a total of eight lambs! Three girls and five boys, which is much better than last years 6 rams and one accident ewe haha. Overall its going to be a great year with these lambs!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2013 Show Season

So this past year has been a whirl and a half! Time has flown by between shows and my freshman year at BU. I know its a little late to be doing a show run over, but late is better than never. The two big shows this fall were The Big E, and Topsfield Fair. The Big E was a wonderful time, filled with good food, the best friends, and some great sheep.
 This was Eloise's year to shine (even brighter than last year!). She placed first in her class of yearling ewes and then found herself a spot as Champion Shetland Ewe.
Eloise and her half sister Melody did pretty well in the group classes and placed first for pair of yearling ewes! Melody herself did very well in the yearling class with fourth out of a large class.

The Big E was full of so many beautiful sheep in different colors, with different markings, and from fabulous breeders! I feel fortunate to be able to experience it and highly recommend it to other Shetland lovers! 

Leo, Eloise's full brother, did outstanding for his first year in shows. He was first place in his ram lamb class (a huge class!) and in the champion round was picked as Reserve Champion Ram out of a group of 8 other 1st and 2nd place animals!
It was a great fair! Come check out our farm there this year  :)
Topsfield Fair was our next big fair of the year and was the perfect end to an already amazing year.
Eloise placed first out of a beautiful bunch of yearling ewes, and Melody took third!

Leo followed suite with first place in another large ram lamb class!

And the two of them got to stand side by side in the best of breed class after both won Champion Ewe and Champion Ram

Of course Eloise won, this spunky ewe wasn't about to let her little brother take her glory away! I can't believe she is too old to show now, and I will greatly miss our unique bond on my showing adventures!