Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lambing Season and Signs of Spring!

After a long winter and lots of snow, lambs are finally here along with warmer weather! Ground can actually be viewed beneath the snow and this morning I had to take off my winter gear. However, the lambs are the most exciting part of all! Bea had two ram lambs, both are healthy and beautiful.
Oscar has eye catching markings!

And he is pretty photogenic too!

Oscar is the troublemaker on mom, and Theodore is hiding in the back

Teddy is using mom as a head rest!

They are an adorable pair :)

I couldn't be happier with Bea, and I can't wait to watch these little guys grow up. Both have their father's gulmoget markings, and they should both turn out to be a gray. They are also full of personality and spunk! Hopefully this upcoming week they will be able to venture out of the lambing pen and into the great outdoors.

As for my other ewes, I believe that  they should be lambing in the next few weeks. Minnie looks as if she almost ready but Izzy still has some time until her udder is ready.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Snowflakes

Spring was almost here! However, it seems that another snow storm has taken away that hope. At least mud season has ended temporarily. In the past few weeks we have kept ourselves busy on the farm.
I have acquired my own pair of electric shears, and have endeavored to shear my own animals. Three out of the six have been sheared for the spring, and they look absolutely adorable!

I am thrilled with the fleeces! Eloise has this beautiful bluish tint in all the lighter areas of her body. Melody is still on the smaller side, but her fleece was quite lovely as well. I am excited to see how their yearling fleeces grow in!  I still have three ewes left to shear, and they will get done the next sunny snow free day.

In more sad news, our ram Vaughan, is now in our freezer. He was a beautiful boy, and a wonderful ram. However, we have a new ram coming into the flock for this breeding season. We sheared Vaughan and let him have one day in the paddock.

Eloise posing for the camera

Poppy is an adorable little girl!

The snow filled up the run!

Wrong side of the fence Indy!

The snow is a little deep for the dogs
We also have lambs coming in the next few weeks, Bea looks as if she should be any time now! And the flock is doing wonderful, and enjoying the snow!