Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Its been a while...

Sorry its been so long. Everything has been super busy. With sheep and school and everything else going on in life its been hard to keep up. Anyway, here is what has happened in the last few months...
My newest addition has continued to sprout and grow although she is still noticably smaller than the rest of my flock. Her short fleece has continued to grow and it looks wonderful. She is super soft and has slowly become very friendly. Her favorite scitching place is on her tummy\chest and she has started to allow me to pet her face. She was a little slower than the others to warm up to me, but her personality has bloomed into a sweet, sassy, and adorable little girl. Watching her in pen she enjoys bouncing and hopping, twirling in the air, and most of all attaching Izzy in an attempt to instigate some michivous fun.
Minnie, a little bit dirty

Minnie and Izzy hanging out in the snow.

Minnie on her first day in Bolton. She is in with the pen with two sheep who belong to some friends.
After a small scare, we have come to the relieving obersvation that she is indeed, not pregnant. She managed to get in with Vaughan a few times after Bea broke down the doors. Ugh.
The Shed:
Me and My dad spent every weekend from the end of summer to the end of october to complete my new shed. It is a wonderful thing, and something that I am enternally grateful for. Its nice and spacey, has two stalls that can potentially be broken up further and we will be putting an attic in this spring!!! Yay!!!
The Shed during building process
Another picture of it  being built.
Minnie and Izzy are in one stall, and then Vaughan and Bea are sharing the other. I wish that I could put them all together but I don't know what another Vaughan and Minnie encounter would entail... I guess they are happy as they are. Its just another water bucket I have to fill. (I also realized that i dont have any pictures of it together so I will work on that...)
Vaughan, that lucky boy, got to spend a month or so with some very pretty girls. Along with Izzy and Bea, our good friend Tay Tay Cole got to come party. After a shaky start, they were all as happy as clams. They were put together on Oct 15th and therefore lambing is due to begin the 7th of March. However, looking at their tummys and udder signs (get it... its a play on words) I believe that they will most likely be due in late March early April. I'm working on some names, and it turns out that my BattleStar Galactica theme may not work out, as I have decided that Honey Bee would be an adorable name if Bea has a little girl. Izzy looks as if she may thow a single, but Bea is a bit larger on her sides may give me a set of twins.