Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wild Air Farm in the Boston Globe

This happened earlier this month, the neighborhood in which I live was in an article in the Boston Globe! I'm so proud to call this place and all the wonderful people who live there my home. It has a picture of my home and sheep in it. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The End of a Lamby Week

I came home from college yesterday and to my great surprise and pleasure, my last ewe was going into labor! A couple of hours later, I had two beautiful ewe lambs. Both are HST, and their names are Etta and Lady :) That makes the total lamb count six ewes and two rams.
Here is a selection of lamb snapshots from today's fun!

Izzy with the two new arrivals!! Both sired by Bard. Etta is left and Lady is right
Little Etta posing for the camera 

Phoebe and Florence hanging with mom
Inseparable sisters
Rosie with her beautiful baby Daffy
Its the year of the HST
Oliver and Dickens are growing quite well

Oliver has the sweetest face

As the only ewe that didn't get bred this year, Faye is looking quite svelte and ready for the upcoming show season!

Margery is full of mischief and cuteness

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Day of Lambs

Yesterday was quite the day for lambing at the Wild Air Farm! Two ewes finally had their babies. The first one was expected, she had gone off grain that morning and was separating herself from the flock. The second one was my ewe Rosie, who I did not expect to lamb until early May! Minnie gave us two stunning girls, Florence is the black and white HST and Phoebe is a black gorgeous gulmoget (both of them I expect to be grays once their lamb fleece grows out). Rosie gave us a little ewe lamb, who we are calling Daffodil (Daffy for short).
I have not had this many ewe lambs on the farm since my first year lambing. I am headed home from college to see them this weekend and cannot wait :)
The sire to all my lambs this year is Bard, and he has done a wonderful job. Although, the running joke on the farm at the moment is he seems to have introduced skeleton facial marking! That being said, I am super happy with all the lambs, and our last ewe should give us more very soon.
Florence and  Phoebe fresh from the womb
Phoebe drinking from Minnie

They have such sweet faces!

Rosie's baby Daffy


Friday, April 10, 2015

Oliver and Dickens

Yesterday two little boys arrived on the farm! Eloise gave me two beautiful rams. Both are dark gulmogets and have lovely facial markings. I am thrilled that both ended up with the pattern!

Dickens is the lamb standing up, Oliver is on the ground
Margery has a striking face :)

This leaves three more ewes to pop, and a lot more snow to melt!