Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Show Season and Sheep for Sale

With the end of September comes the end of show season. All lambs have been sheared and their fleeces are being prepared for the Rhinebeck New York Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend.
At the farm we had a wonderful show season. My ewe Margery took champion ewe at Woodstock Fair, The Big E, and at Topsfield Fair. My ram lamb, Jamie, took champion ram at Woodstock Fair, The Big E, and at Topsfield Fair. He also was judged as best fleeced shetland at the Big E. Here are some photos from all the fun!

Champion Ram

Best Pair 

Pen of Three Lamb

Champion ewe at Big E

As for sheep for sale, I have three ewe lambs for sale. A gray gulmoget, a dark gray ewe lamb, and a lighter gray ewe lamb. They would be 250$ each. I also have three ram lambs for sale. The champion ram, pictured above, is for sale for 300$. He is a sweet boy that would make a great sire, I unfortunately have too many ewes from that line to keep him around for breeding. Finally, I have two yearling ewes for sale. A gray gulmoget and a shaela. Both would be 275$. I will have more pictures of them soon. But let me know if anyone has questions or would like more information!
Happy Fall