Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Topsfield Fair

Its been two weeks of jam packed activities since Topsfield, which is why this post comes so late. Topsfield was a wonderful occasion for two reasons. 1) We had an excellent show! Bea managed to snag champion ewe away from Izzy, who came in second place. Bea and I also made it into second place for our entertaining efforts in the obstacle course. Izzy and I received second place for lead line, and I am entirely exited to begin planning next years outfit. Vaughan did quite well and he got first place ram lamb but lost to an absolutely beautiful yearling.
Our last fair of the season was probably my favorite. I hung out in the cow ring with 4-H friends, saw massive pumpkins, scratched a Clydesdale, walked through the vendors, and ate a magnificent turkey/cranberry sauce gobbler (like a thanksgiving leftover sandwich).
We ended up outside in a tent for the two night we stayed over, and conveniently it poured both nights and soaked the beds and everything else. Luckily my clothing was in a waterproof sports bag! But really, I enjoyed every last bit of it and eagerly await next show season. Next year, hopefully, we will add a few more shows onto our schedule including Cheshire fair.
The next bit of exiting news is the newest addition to my flock. Minnie (registered Hermione, ironically named after another Shakespearean character), is an adorable gulmoget ewe lamb born on may 6th. She is alone right now as the others are in for breeding season, but doesn't seem to care as long as she may have as much hay as she wants(which isn't a long because she is so tiny). Her facial markings aren't as striking and bold as Vaughan's however the patterning is just as gorgeous. She has tiny little scurs which I love on Shetlands, and a very very soft, dense wool, with a fine crimp. I can't wait to see how Minnie does next year in show, we got her from an awesome breeder with champions lines from Indiana, and she should do well! Also I'm very exited to see how her fleece turns out, and what her babies will look like when bred to my gulmoget ram! That will be next year though because she is to young right now.
I don't have any pictures because of time limits, but I should be able to put some up soon! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall!