Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Fun!

This year I have two sheep for sale. I probably should have put them up sooner but it has been constantly busy. Harmony is a ewe lamb born Aprin 25. Her sire is RF Vaughan and her mother is Hythe Trilbee(I call her Bea). Vaughan is a shaela gulmoget and Bea is a musket blaget. Harmony is the sweetest little thing. She is more than happy to climb into your lap or bug you until you give her the attention she needs. She has a sweet face and a soft fleece. She is a light gray, very light. She has a fine crimp that has some pretty luster. Because of a personality she could be a great pet or 4-H project. Since she was born in late april she is on the small side but she has a great conformation and a sturdy correct body.

Vaughan is my Ram at the moment. He is a beautiful boy and a teddy bear. He has a very sweat dispostition and I have never had a problem with him. I will be using him for breeding this year but need to find a new ram for next year and have decided not to keep him over the winter this year. He is a shaela gulmoget with a great horn set and a stunning face. He has produced all of my lambs this year. His fleece is very crimpy and short.

If anyone is interested in either Harmony or Vaughan they can email me at I can get extra pictures, fleece samples, etc.