Reg. Shetlands and Purebred Cochin Bantams

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More lambs! And Sales for the season!

Its been a long few weeks! AP tests and senior year activities have filled up the last few weeks, yet there is a lot to tell. Five days after Minnie had her lambs, Izzy had hers! She actually had them the night I got back from a New York trip, I was really happy that she waited until I was at home once again. Keeping with the theme of gender unity that I have had for the last two years, Izzy, like the other two, had a set of ram lambs. Leo and Vincent are a gorgeous duo, and Leo has quickly found a place in all of our hearts! He has the cutest personality, and Vincent is quite playful as well.

All of the lambs are doing great and growing super fast. It turns out that I am going to have to hold off on buying a breeding ram for the fall (because of college) so I will be breading my ram lambs to the ewes in the flock that they are unrelated to. Or at least that is the plan anyway.

All of my rams this year are for sale! Please contact me with any questions or interest! My email is, and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

Elmer: Black HST: He is a beautiful sweet boy, a very pretty soft fleece, a nice tail, and great conformation. I am amazed that this pattern came out of Minnie! He has gulmoget parents from both sides

Calvin: Morrit Gulmoget: His fleece is super soft and it looks like he has some great crimp coming in! He has a fantastic personality and the sweetest face, also a good tail and conformation! He is Elmer's twin and has two gulmoget parents

Teddy: Gray Gulmoget: He is very sweet, his fleece is soft but seems to be more wavy than crimpy, and has a nice gray color. His sire is a gulmoget and his tail and conformation are lovely.

Oscar: Gray Flecket Gulmoget: Very pretty markings on this lamb, he is perhaps the most lovey of all the lambs and would be content to spend all day in a persons lap, he has a soft grayish fleece with some crimp, but more of a wavy fleece like his brother.
Leo: Flecket: He is one of my top picks of the bunch, and he is a full sister to Eloise (so I hope he will carry in her footsteps, she even got best of show once last year) so I have high hopes for this boy. His fleece looks gorgeous, that long crimpy type, with curly cues already forming on his back. His fleece is gray and has a beautiful luster. Great conformation and tail
Vincent: Black: He is the first solid I have had and he is the full brother to Leo so I have high hopes for him as well, his fleece is very soft and the crimp is looser but it looks like it will be more like his mothers fleece (who has one of my favorite fleeces). I am very excited to see him grow up! He is a lot like Leo in many ways. He also has good conformation and tail length!

The whole bunch of them! They are so adorable :)