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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Growing Like Weeds

The lambs are all growing up wonderfully! I am still unsure who I wish to show this season since I can't make up my mind who I like better. I ended lambing season with 8 lambs in total. Two ram lambs out of Eloise who are inevitably my choice of rams for the year. They are also huge mischief makers who somehow keep escaping their pen.

The other six are ewes, four of these in total will be shown by my mother and I. The first show I am attending this year is the All American Junior Sheep Show which is coming to the Big E Fairgrounds in West Springfield, MA. There will be Shetlands from far away places such as Michigan and possibly even Indiana!  Halter training and preparation for the show is about to begin here on the farm. In the mean time I get to enjoy watching them mature into a very nice crop of lambs!
My three HST girls
A shot of 7 out of 8 lambs!
Dickens posing for the camera

 These pictures are a little old. I just got back from a trip to Ireland and am just starting to catch back up on everything. More pictures will be soon to come, along with more detailed information about the lambs. Both rams will be available for sale after the show season this year and I will have quite a few ewe lambs for sale as well! Please feel free to email me with questions about anything or interest in buying. My email is

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